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    Bocce Ball.
    We are the American Bocce Co.
    A passionate, grassroots team reinventing the timeless sport of bocce ball.
    See what makes our leagues a thrilling, dynamic experience of fun and excitement.
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A New Era of Social Sports

The game of Bocce Ball isn't new. ABC Bocce Ball is. We've sculpted the game of bocce ball to maximize fun, bring people together, and harness the inner competitive side in all of us. In our game, suspense circles around every throw.

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Addicting in every way

One game and you'll realize ABC Bocce is exciting and addicting in every way. We've created an experience where friends and new comers alike share in a common goal… all with vast unpredictability and continually changing scenarios.

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Iconic Venues

Location, location, location is the saying. We make the game fun but our venues make it awesome. We make sure every ABC venue leaves an exciting, memorable impact. From popular bars to historic city landmarks… our venues create an unforgettable back drop to our leagues.

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Upcoming Leagues

Excited yet? Got the itch? We've got a league for you. Grab some friends, create a team or register as a solo player. Below you'll find just some of our current and upcoming leagues available for you to join now!


Season 4: Logan Lucky

2359 North Milwaukee Avenue-Chicago-Illinois

Y'all are HEARD. We love Thursdays and Chicago Distilling Co. and need more leagues. Bingo bango here's you league-o. It's the perfect league for your displaced Chop Shop or Brickhouse foursome (fivesome, sixsome, etc.). Or for you to jump in on the action for the first time. This venue has been the starting point for many of the best rookie t...

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Season 5: The Reboot

2033 West North Avenue-Chicago-Illinois

This season will mark the 5 year anniversary of ABC leagues at Chop Shop. Hard to fathom, but easy to enjoy. The vibe is extra. The competition level is high. The courts are flat and fresh turf is on the way. ABC referees and administration play. And there's just something about Monday Night Bocce at Chop Shop. It is the exalted league of the Chica...

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Season 5: Bocce From Above

1367 North Milwaukee Avenue-Chicago-Illinois

When the weather is nice, Tuesdays at Whiskey Business take the baton as Chicago's top bocce league. They've got a killer rooftop that's all turfed out for us. It's a slightly longer "grain of grass" and that let's players give the ball a little more juice as they shoot their shot. The cabanas and ample seating help ramp the social aspect of the bo...

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Set your next event apart by adding bocce! Our portable equipment and enthusiastic staff allow us to add a bocce ball court (or 2 or 10) to any location. Whether it’s a casual cocktail party or a fully coordinated tournament for your next team builder, we’re ready to roll with you.


Inflatable, lightweight, and safe equipment


Knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic staff


Flexible gameplay to accompany any style of event


Professional and clean look

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Let’s build bocce communities together. Bring bocce to your bar, neighborhood, city, retirement village, private club, nudist colony, cruise ship, wherever. It’s probably easier than you think. Make friends, make money, and make a difference. We’ve got your back across the board:

Portable equipment and solutions

Digital and tech resources to make running a league a breeze

Extensive training and support

An existing community and reputable brand



American Bocce Company is not another social sports league. We’ve witnessed firsthand how this simple sport can have a powerful impact in people’s lives and we want to spread our love for the game. Our approach to the game is high-energy, easy-to-grasp, and above all, inclusive. Here are just a few of the ways that we reinventing this timeless sport and leading the charge for a bocce ball boom:


Portable equipment and inflatable courts


Custom individual statistics


American Bocce Community: making positive impacts away from the courts


Unique partnerships

About American Bocce

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